10 Reasons to Organise a Conference, Seminar or Workshop

businessThe #BEDN topic for today is “10 Things” so I wanted to share with you 10 Reasons to Organise a Conference, Seminar or Workshop.

  1. To share learning and best practice from thought leaders and experts
  2. To engage with like minded people with shared interests
  3. To inspire and generate ideas and new thinking
  4. To be seen as an expert in your field
  5. To form new partnerships
  6. To get results and disseminate messages face to face in a cost effective way
  7. To provoke action and collectively bring about change
  8. To network and meet new people and organisations
  9. To encourage PR and media coverage
  10. To celebrate achievements

There are many motivations for organising a conference, seminar or workshop.  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below!



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  2. Sorry to completely disagree with you on this post. This is a great list, but none of them are reasons to organise a meeting. They are all means to an end and/or boundary condition for an event to be succesfull.
    The ONLY reason (in my view, so open for discussion) for a meeting is contributing in whatever way to the ‘raison d’etre’ of the meeting owner/attendees. The only reason therefor is ROI: a measurable result. And a result is only measurable, if you go for (change in) behavior.
    Your list are all simply ioptions in influencing people into the wanted behaviour, and therefor just mean to an end.


    • Hi JJ
      Thanks for commenting on the post.
      I agree that meetings and conferences create value by influencing the behaviour of participants – this is the basic principal of ROI. HOWEVER very rarely does a client approach us and state “I want to organise a conference to change peoples behaviour.” Generally when a client is asked about the motivations for holding a meeting, workshop or conference they will mention one or several of the reasons outlined in my post. It is then up to the Event Manager to discuss with the client and determine the real objectives (n.b. the desired change in behaviour) and these objectives are of course what the success of the event is evaluated against.
      Looking forward to your further thoughts!
      Do you blog yourself?

    • Ah. If you put it that way, we agree: these are the most common reasons for event-owners to organise. And yes: there is a big part to be played by the Event Manager/Meeting Designer and Moderator to translate into real result.
      I feel a succesful meeting (ROI) Always means: objectives x meeting design x moderation = 100%
      Leave out any of these in the equasion, your result will be 0%. Do anyone of them incompletely, you will end up with an effectivity loss from 10 – 90%
      Looking at the three, my impression is that they should compare as 10 (objectives) to 5 (meeting design) to 2 (moderation). So 10 x 5 x 2 = 100%.
      What do you think?
      And yes,I blog myself. Up till now only in Dutch, but since my agency is rapidly expanding to the rest of the world, I should start in English too.
      If you’re interested, take a look at http://www.mastersinmoderation.com or http://www.masteringmoderation.com (training)

    • Hi JJ
      Great we agree!
      I like your formula for a successful meeting and I agree that objectives, meeting design/event management and moderation/facilitation are the key ingredients to success. I have never thought of it scientifically in terms of an exact equation but I think this could be spot on! Thank you for sharing.
      It sounds like you truly understand the mechanics of events and maximizing event ROI is vital for both me as an event manager and you as a facilitator. Your course sounds really interesting too. Lets stay in touch!
      Warm wishes

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