All the Right Noises: Enhancing Your Seminar through Sound

Old Fashioned MicrophoneIf you’re planning a seminar or business conference and are wondering how to give it that extra dimension it needs to really become something special, the answer is simple – introduce sound. Bringing extra auditory aspects into your conference not only allows it to operate on an additional plane, but also guarantees to maximise engagement when compared with a standard lecture-format presentation. Of course, anyone hoping to bring sound to their seminar will need to ensure that they can depend on quality audio. But once you’ve got that covered, there are a whole world of options available. You might be wondering how sound can work for your seminar – but don’t worry, we’ve got a few ideas.

Sound Bites
Sound bites can be a great way to substantiate points made throughout your presentation. If you can find any clips from audio interviews on the same topic, or any excerpts from speeches or monologues supporting the issue, these can be a quick win in terms of giving your conference that little something extra it needs.

If you’ve got room to be a little more offbeat, you could even try introducing some extracts from TV or movie dialogue – as long as it supports the ultimate message. Bear your audience in mind at all times and gear your auditory extras towards their assumed interests. Pop culture references are a failsafe with younger audiences, so this could be the way to take engagement to the next level.

Continuing to bear in mind that any audio used in your presentation must be relevant to the overall theme of the conference, and indeed directly support your current point, music can be used to great effect if and where appropriate. You might want to try giving your presentation an ongoing soundtrack (as long as the music doesn’t detract from the presentation itself), or – if you’re looking for something a little quirkier, play a particular song in your presentation that helps to illustrate a point. Again, audience awareness is vital – hot contemporary tracks can really shake up a seminar with the right audience sitting there.

All presentations can, realistically, benefit from the use of video. Even besides the fact that this dynamic medium brings a ton of extra life to your message – and therefore energises the presentation as a whole – video is such a complex and versatile medium that is able to serve any number of purposes.

You could use video interviews on the topic, relevant news items, commercial ads (where appropriate), TV or film clips, educational videos – the internet is your oyster. If you really want your presentation to be cutting-edge and on-topic, you could even spice up your seminar with some internet memes. There are an immense number of memes out there, just waiting to give your presentation some mainstream appeal – and they guarantee some laughs.

If you want a presentation that really packs a punch, audio is the way to go. Give your audience something special – something above and beyond what they expect – and engagement is all but guaranteed.

Thanks to Kate Haywood (@writtenbykate) for this guest blog post.

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  1. Zac

    Sound forms a core part of your event. Further to this, incorporating branded items can make a significant difference to to your event as well as market the company further.

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