#BEDN Blog Every Day in November Introduction

Blog-Every-Day-in-November-with-RosaliliumEvents Northern Ltd is taking up the challenge to Blog Every Day in November (Twitter hashtag #BEDN).  This is a great initiative from Elizabeth of the Rosalilium Lifestyle Blog.  She has set the challenge to boost creativity, encourage people to get blogging, have some fun and be inspired (great idea by the way!).

This means that every day in the month of November I aim to blog every single day (30 whole posts!).  This will be no easy task, work is busy and there is lots going on during November, including my exciting first trip to EIBTM in Barcelona.  However we pledge to blog as often as we possibly can!

Elizabeth has put forward a suggested topic for each day and bloggers are encouraged to work on that theme if they can unless they have something more pressing they wish to cover.  The important thing is to blog every day if you can!

I am more than aware that our blog is often the first thing to get neglected when we are juggling multiple work projects and we appreciate this is the ultimate blogging sin in terms of SEO and engagement.  My posts can also be quite detailed and lengthy.  Hopefully #BEDN will help on both these counts though, making posts short, sweet and regular.  We hope this will inspire, influence and improve our blogging skills for the future.

So Elizabeth suggested that we should use this post to introduce ourselves.  I am Becki; MD of Events Northern Ltd, which is a conference and event management company based in Preston, Lancashire and established in 2004.  We are a SME and we blog about things that interest us – predominantly everything event related, social media, marketing, technology and business.

I am sure there is time for you to still sign up if you wish to join the challenge too!  Sign up to #BEDN here.

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