Is This the Best Twitter Wall Ever?

There are a number of event Twitter Walls (feeds) available and we have experimented with a number of different (largely free) solutions over the years. Recently however I discovered Tweetbeam and I was delighted when they offered me the opportunity to test the product at a few of our conferences and events….

The Tweetbeam Twitter Wall is really visually appealing. Rather than having a scrolling list of text based tweets the screen is filled with the profile pictures of those tweeting using your event hashtag. If someone tweets a picture using the hashtag the picture displays instead of their profile. It gives prominence to different tweets which are highlighted on the screen. The backdrop is constantly evolving as more people tweet, showing a patchwork like backdrop of key contributors.

Tweetbeam was really simple to set up and more intuitive than some of the other solutions on the market.  It works with all browsers and adapts to all screen sizes. There are options for incorporating your own custom branding within some of the paid options available too if you wish.

If the internet connection or wifi at the venue goes down Tweetbeam is resilient and will keep working with the information already received until new Tweets are available (unfortunately even in this day and age flaky wifi is still a very real problem at many venues).

In terms of moderation there is the option to use automatic filters to block certain words/users or to moderate and approve every tweet manually if you prefer.

Whether people are active on Twitter or not we find that people always get drawn into Twitter Walls and we received a lot of positive comments about the format of Tweetbeam. I am sure that it also encourages people to tweet more to see themselves on the “big screens” which is obviously great in terms of wider exposure across social media for the event.

Tweetbeam is a paid solution. Single-day event licenses start from €199 per day and discounted multi-day licenses are available as well. It is best to discuss your bespoke requirements directly with Tweetbeam. You can test out how Tweetbeam works and looks at

If you are looking for a sophisticated, visual Twitter Wall feed for your events we would definitely recommend Tweetbeam! See the Tweetbeam Twitter Wall in action within the video below (18 seconds into the highlights video):

Have you used Twitter Walls in your events? Have you tried Tweetbeam? Which are you favourite Twitter Wall feed provider? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you once again to Tweetbeam for allowing us to test the product free of charge at some of our events.

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