Blogging Goals for 2016

As 2016 dawns I have been reflecting on my personal, business and blogging goals for the coming year, as is the tradition.

Inspired by this New Years Resolution post I wrote for EventMB and this post by Sir Richard Branson I decided not only to write down my blogging aims but also to share them publicly via my blog to ensure I have the best chance of achieving them and holding myself accountable! Here are my 10 goals for 2016….

Blogging Goals 2016

1. Write More

Objective number 1 is to write more as this is what I love doing, but is also what often gets neglected when business and life in general gets busy.  I am a contributor to EventMB and pledge to write at least 2 creative posts per month, in addition to the reviews, general posts and report content I create for the site.

This blog is my hobby and although it is written purely for my own enjoyment I also want to ensure I post more regularly here too – a minimum of 1 post every 2 weeks, perhaps building to a post a week by the end of the year. This blog was neglected in 2015 so 2016 is the year I take it more seriously!

2. Read More Blogs

I love reading blogs on varied topics including event planning, business, social media, marketing, photography, tech, blogging, tourism, etc. Twitter largely dictates the posts that come to my attention but this year I will pay closer attention and start monitoring the blogs I most enjoy through Feedly, also continuing to save favourite articles or posts to read later to Pocket (great app).

3. Improve My Photography Skills

Earlier this year I invested in a decent entry level DSLR camera – the Canon EOS 700d. I have enjoyed testing the different basic settings and taking lots of experimental pictures but I have no idea how to get the most out of the camera yet. I am looking forward to having some training and to taking more pictures which can be used on this blog. Eventually I would like to have a weekly photograph posted on the blog in a ‘silent’ post.

4. Focus on Social Media Platforms that Work

Events Northern Ltd have a good Twitter following but a very weak presence on Facebook. This doesn’t worry us at all as we are primarily focused on B2B events so Facebook isn’t the right platform for us. In essence our Facebook page is predominantly to keep friends and family updated with some of the things we are up to. We also decided not to invest too much time into Google+ in light of the rumours and indicators that it will soon cease to exist. LinkedIn is worthwhile to continue with as it is the business and professional contacts that we want to attract and keep informed. We feel Instagram and Pinterest are worth keeping an eye on and developing too.

5. Increase Followers

My aim is to increase posts and followers on Instagram (both for BeckiCross and EventsNorthern), Pinterest, our LinkedIn company page and my personal Twitter account (@beckitrain). One way I will be doing this is posting a different photograph every day on my Instagram personal account to document my year in pictures.

6. Attend More Events

I want to attend more events organised by other people, particularly conferences and seminars focused on events, blogging, social media, marketing and business. Through this blog I want to be able to report back my learning and document my thoughts and observations.

As a Blogger I have attended IMEX Frankfurt 2015 with a Press Pass and hope to be able to do so at other relevant events too. I am really interested in attending the ISES Accelerate conference on 13th May for example.

7. Blogging Challenge

During January I am taking part in a blogging challenge to Build a Better Business Blog which is based on the workbook written by Darren Rowse of Problogger and facilitated by UK small business owner Jan Kearney. Unlike other challenges it doesn’t require you to blog on a daily basis and can be done at your own pace and it looks at improving different areas of your blog. I urge you to join me and sign up and take part! Later in the year I may however consider a “Blog Every Day in….” style challenge too as I have noticed before that posting every day makes a huge difference in terms of traffic.

8. Invest in a New Laptop

Although my laptop isn’t even that old I am noticing an increasing amount of crashes and slow running speeds and the lure of a shiny brand new machine is very appealing! We are updating the business PCs this year so there is a good chance I may invest in a suitable new laptop too.

9. Blogging Reading List

Top of my blogging reading list is “Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less” by Joe Pulizzi. As I mentioned through the blogging challenge I am also working through “31 Days to Build a Better Business Blog” by Darren Rowse which is a workbook rather than a true book. I have lots of business and marketing books on my reading wish list too which I will share in another post, but these are the blogging specific books I will be reading soon.

10. Be More Current

One of the joys of this blog is that I have freedom to write about local or UK national issues and to comment swiftly on any news that catches my eye. This is one of my aims going forward. The UK Government doesn’t always seem to understand small businesses, and particularly SMEs based outside the capital in the North of England, so this is my chance to respond to plans and legislation when appropriate.

What are your personal, business and blogging goals for the year ahead? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


  1. Great goals Becki – and thanks for mentioning the Build a Better Business Blog Challenge 🙂

    I love your events goal – I’ve not attended any specifically blogging/content marketing related. It’s not on my list for 2016. Although, as we move through the year and I update the “how” part of how I will reach my goals, it may well end up on there!

    Looking forward to seeing your photos too 🙂

    • Becki Cross

      Thanks Jan. Really enjoying the challenge so far so I wanted to give it a mention!
      In terms of blogging events have you heard of BlogOnMOSI? It is a blogging event held in May at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Although it isn’t aimed at business bloggers (mainly lifestyle and mummy bloggers attend) I have still found it interesting and have attended the last 2 years. I would love to attend more blogging and content related events though. Let’s keep each other posted if we hear of other relevant events, particularly in the North! Maybe we should start a thread on the Facebook page too to list any events we hear about?

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