#Eventprofs A to Z

We all know how hard it is to stay on top of our business related social media activity. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Blogging all take time, and without prior planning, it can be difficult to make sure your content is consistently relevant, engaging and fun! With that in mind, a new month seems like the perfect place to kick start an idea we’ve had noted down for a while now, the #Eventprofs A to Z!

Using the hashtag #eventprofsatoz, we’ll be kick starting our campaign on Sunday 6th May 2018 and we’ll be posting using a letter a day then until the end of the month!

Sharing ideas, photos, projects and thoughts is key within the event industry and we would love it if other #eventprofs joined in!

To give everyone a head start, we’ve come up with the A-Z list below so you get your thinking caps on about what you could post.

All prompts are just suggestions, feel free to interpret them however you want! No rules apply!

To follow us for some inspo, we can be found @eventsnorthern on both Twitter and Instagram.

We can’t wait to get started!

Happy Sharing! #eventprofsatoz

A: Awards.

This could be Awards Ceremonies you’ve organised, attended or even won! Let’s start as we mean to go on and shout about our successes!

B: Brands

Whether this is showcasing exciting brands that you work with, brand activation events that you have run, or even great examples that you have attended.

C: Conferences

Let’s hear about the most engaging, content driven conferences you have planned or attended!

D: Delegates

Without them, we’d be out of a job! Let’s see your best delegate moments!

E: Exhibitions

A huge part of the events sector, notoriously hard to get off the ground, huge amounts of planning but enormously rewarding when you pull it off! Let’s see your experiences of exhibitions.

F: Festivals

Whether you run them, or just love to attend them, lets see your favourite festival moments.


The four little letters that are on everyone’s lips. With the legislation beginning to be enforced on 25th May, #eventprofs everywhere need to make sure they are doing their best to be GDPR compliant, and that their clients are too! What are you doing?

H: Health & Safety

The completely unglamorous but completely necessary side of event planning. Health & Safety isn’t sexy, but it does contribute to eliminating risk and facilitates quick reactions when necessary.

I: Innovation

#Eventprofs must think on their feet! Give us a great example of innovation!

J: Jobs

This could be about your job, your colleagues, your team. What sums it all up for you?

K: Keynote

The biggest draw of your event. The expert everyone wants to see and hear. Who have you had as keynote at your event? Or who would bee your dream Keynote speaker if money was no object?

L: Lighting

Lighting can make the biggest transformations to a space. Small or large scale, give us some examples of impressive lighting in action.

M: Meetings

Vital for any event. Whether face to face or virtually, constant communication with the client is key. What do meetings normally look like for you?

N: Nuptials

One off the most important days of your life and so much planning to do! Weddings are another huge part of the sector so whether you organise them, dress them or just attend them, show us your best wedding moments!

O: Office

Where is your ‘office’? If you are freelance, this could be your local coffee shop, a shared working space, your desk at home, your sofa, or on a Monday…maybe even your bed! And if you have an office, what does your desk say about you? All we need today is a phone and wi-fi connection and we can rule the world! So where do you do your ruling from?

P: Presentations

Get it right, and they can really enhance a speaker’s keynote or workshop, get it wrong and they can distract from the main purpose. So, whether its PowerPoint, PDF or Prezi…. what do you have to say about presentations?

Q: Queues

Queue Management is key! What do you do to deal with this inevitable issue and keep problems down to a minimum?

R: Registration

So many platforms to register on, so many ways to set up, so many ways to collect your badge. What represents Registration for you?

S: Suppliers

Trustworthy suppliers are your best industry buds! Sing their praises here!

T: Training

No one should have ever finished learning. Whether you have years industry experience, learning the roles at University or have just taken your first events jobs, there is still always plenty to learn. How do you up-skill?

U: Unique

What’s unique about you, your agency or your events?

V: Venue

Your favourite venue? The most unusual? The most unexpected? The one you’d love to use if you had chance? Tell us all about it!

W: Wellness

Event Planner is listed in the Top 5 most stressful job roles. With this in mind, as a sector we need to take wellness and wellbeing really seriously. How do you promote wellbeing and wellness when things get hectic?

X: X-traordinary

Sometimes you get the dream #eventprof trifecta, the right venue, the right budget, and the right idea, and you can create something absolutely extraordinary. Well, this is your chance to show it off! Or have you attended an event that has really blown your socks off and given you endless inspiration?

Y: You

Let’s see you or one of your colleagues in action! Events wouldn’t be possible without the rarely seen, hardworking #eventprofs!

Z: Zone

In the zone! We all know that feeling, be it on a good day in the office when you are powering through your emails or mid live event when you are everything to everyone everywhere! Share your best ‘in the zone’ moments!

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