Do you have to be Loud to be an Event Management Student?

TrumpeterAre all event managers and event management students loudAre event managers loud?Do event managers / event management students have to be loud? Or is loud just used to explain the exuberance, sociability and enthusiasm of event managers?

This week I had an interesting and entertaining conversation with two Course Leaders/Senior Lecturers from different universities within Schools of Hospitality and Events.  They agreed that it is always easy to identify the event management students as they are always “the loud ones.”  They went further to say that often the event management students dislike discipline too, unlike hospitality students!  Obviously with many years of experience teaching and managing both events and hospitality students I can only take their word for this.

This conversation did get me thinking back to my university days and I can’t disagree with the fact that we were a “lively bunch” on the whole.  I can also remember clearly getting frustrated with certain students on my course who liked the sound of their own voice above anyone/anything else, including whatever our lecturers had to say and other group members.

I have blogged about the Personality Traits of Event Managers in a previous post and in a roundabout way suggested that event managers are generally outgoing and confident, however perhaps “loud” is a more accurate description?

Loud for me does however conjure up negative connotations in terms of not listening and listening is definitely a very important skill for an event manager.

What do you think?  Is it a pre-requisite of an event manager / event management student that they must be loud?  Or is “loud” just the easiest way to try to explain the exuberance, sociability, enthusiasm and confidence of many people that work in this industry?  Perhaps you are a “quiet” event manager/event management student?  I would welcome your thoughts and comments below!   



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