Round Up of the Best Event Industry Predictions for 2015

The New Year naturally inspires us to look into our crystal ball to predict what may be in store over the next 12 months for the event industry. There have been some great posts from various event experts and thought leaders highlighting their expectations looking ahead. Here is a roundup of 6 of the articles I have particularly enjoyed reading and some of the key event industry predictions they have highlighted.


10 Event Trends for 2015 – The Event Manager Blog

Julius Solaris predicts in his free report that the word defining the event industry for 2015 is #drench. Immersive events will be key.

Lots of cool event tech is highlighted in the report too.


30 Experts Predict The Event Trends That Will Shape Your 2015 – Eventbrite

A great list of sometimes contradictory trends, challenges and opportunities!

This is my favourite insight:

“A recent study into the habits of Millenials shows that those in their 20s and 30s care more about experiences than material possessions.  This shift to an ‘experience economy’ should provide plenty of growth opportunities…”


Event Trends 2015 – Event and Conference Blog

We couldn’t ignore our own post! We foresee that visual content will be key and can’t wait to have the opportunity to get our hands on the Polaroid Socialshare!

Augmented Reality is going to be seen more in events, particularly exhibitions, conferences and networking events and wearable technology will continue to develop.


Ten Transformative Meetings Technology Trends for 2015 – Corbin Ball Associates

We will continue to be challenged by decreasing attention spans! Aerial (drone) video could be exciting for the events industry.


2015 Forecast: Top event tech trends – C&IT

We love the idea of the networking name tag and the Experience Platform!


2015 Preview: 9 Event Tech Predictions – Bizbash

Sensor integration and flexible display technologies are the hottest pointers we take from this post.


We hope that you enjoyed our round up of the best event industry predictions and are feeling inspired and excited about the year ahead.


Which other articles about future event industry trends have you particularly enjoyed reading? Please share other relevant links and thoughts within the comments below. Have the experts in these posts got it right in your opinion? What do you think will be huge in the world of events in 2015?