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Are event managers loud?

Do you have to be Loud to be an Event Management Student?

Do event managers / event management students have to be loud? Or is loud just used to explain the exuberance, sociability and enthusiasm of event managers? This week I had an interesting and entertaining conversation with two Course Leaders/Senior Lecturers…

Festivals and outdoor events

10 Reasons Why I Love Working on Festivals

I get really excited whenever I have the opportunity to work on Festivals and Outdoor Events.  I love organising conferences; that is definitely my forte, however it is always good to have a change from the norm.  In my opinion…

Event Trends 2014

The event industry is constantly evolving.  Last year we wrote a blog post on Conference Trends 2013.  Reading back over the post we think that we predicted the year ahead fairly accurately (even if we do say so ourselves!) and…

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