Tesco Hudl Review

Blog-Every-Day-in-November-with-RosaliliumThe suggested task for #BEDN today is to talk about something different.  This is very convenient for me as I am itching to tell you about my new gadget!  I am now lucky enough to be the proud owner of a Hudl – the recently launched Tesco tablet.  Here is my initial review…..

I have wanted a tablet for a long time, mainly for the convenience of staying in touch without having to lug my laptop about with me.  The Hudl has a 7″ screen which is perfect for slipping in your handbag and the perfect screen size to work with.  I already know that it will be fantastically handy for me when travelling, working on the go and on live event days.  Also worth noting is that the Hudl comes with 16GB of storage, however this is expandable to  48GB total with a 32GB memory card.

I own the black Hudl, complete with a smart red case, but a variety of colour options are available.  I would suggest that you don’t buy a Tesco case as you can buy alternatives for a quarter of the price!

It was easy to get started – the first time you switch on the Hudl it walks you through the set up and basic features.  The tablet comes preloaded with certain apps such as Google Play (the app store), Google Maps, Chrome, YouTube and Gmail.  It also includes Blinkbox TV and Music.  I had never used either of these services before but Blinkbox Music is a great feature and completely free.  You can select “stations” which match your musical interests and star your favourite songs which builds an intelligent playlist.  You can then download your favourite songs which makes them available to listen in offline mode too.  In return you have to listen to an occasional advert.  The sound quality and volume was good playing out from the Hudl.

Blinkbox TV will be handy as you just pay for the films or TV shows you want to watch with no subscription fee.  Apparently it is also easy to hook your Hudl up to your TV (additional lead must be purchased to connect via micro-HDMI port).

I have an Android Google phone (Nexus) and so I was adamant I wanted an Android tablet, rather than an Ipad.  I also have a big respect for Google and the Android platform from working with our app developer to launch our Event App (and the forthcoming wedding app) through sister company Advanced Event Solutions Ltd.  As anticipated it was easy for me to look at the apps I had already downloaded  to my phone and select the ones I wanted to duplicate to my Hudl (go to the play store and log in to your account, then touch the play store on the top left menu bar, select my apps and then scroll down the list of all apps, select the app you want and then install).

I charged my Hudl up for the full suggested three hours before I switched it on and battery life seems good.  Despite 2 long nights of constant use I still have a third of the battery left.

So what are the disadvantages of the Hudl?  The only real disadvantage I can see so far is that unlike many other tablets you cannot add a pay as you go sim card for 3G connection when wi-fi is not available.  The 2MP front and 3MP back camera could also be sharper.

As you would expect Tesco’s have very cleverly preloaded widgets onto the Hudl linking to your Clubcard points, home shopping delivery, Tesco Extra store and Blinkbox.  These can however be removed (press on the widget and swipe towards the cross in the top left corner; when it is over the cross and turns red let go and it will delete).  This will give a lot more screen space to organise your apps.  The only one that cannot be deleted is the Tescos ‘T’ symbol in the bottom left corner.

In a future post I will look at the Android apps I find indispensable.

The Hudl retails at £119.  I would highly recommended the Hudl if you are looking for an Android tablet which is well priced and packed with features.  I had read and heard a lot of good reviews of the Hudl and already I feel that I cannot live without mine! 

Do you have a Hudl?  What do you love or hate about it?  What are your top tips and indispensable apps?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.



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