What Have I Learnt from Blog Every Day in November #BEDN

Blog-Every-Day-in-November-with-RosaliliumToday marks the final day of #BEDN (Blog Every Day in November). For the last 30 days myself and over a hundred other bloggers have endeavoured to write and publish a new blog post every single day.  A suggested topic was given each day which could be used for inspiration or disregarded if you had something more pressing to write about.

November has been a hectic month!  On top of my normal busy day job organising wonderful conferences and events for people I have written 44 blog posts (27 for Events Northern Ltd as I missed writing two posts over the course of the month and posted one guest blog post, 16 for the UK Blog Awards and 1 for DCMS about the Blog Awards), I have been a hosted buyer at EIBTM in Barcelona, I have spoken at the Social Media for Women Conference and on a personal note my gorgeous little boy had his 1st birthday!  Phew!

I know it sounds clichéd but I feel like I have been on a blogging journey by being a part of this process!  Originally I started this blog and religiously blogged regularly every two weeks, easily spending two hours planning, researching and writing each post.  Then there have been other times when I have gone long periods without posting at all due to workload (and of course all small business owners have it drummed into them that not posting regularly is the ultimate sin!).  During November time has been short and I was keen to participate but I knew that to succeed I would have to write shorter posts and adapt my approach. I am really proud of the achievement and glad I got involved.

So What Have I Learnt from #BEDN?
> That I can write a blog post in 20-30 minutes when I need to!
> That I can take a random topic and blog about it. Or most importantly can take a subject area and relate it to the events industry
> That a blog doesn’t have to be long, shorter is often better
> That even if it is slightly after midnight you can change the date and time so that it registers that the post was published earlier than it actually was
> That connecting my WordPress blog to my social networks for automatic sharing is a great time saver
> That if I post regularly I feel it gives me greater freedom to include a variety of posts e.g. venue/hotel reviews, lists, pictures
> That there is inspiration everywhere, particularly from industry magazines, blogs and social media
> That my Tesco Hudl tablet is amazing for allowing me to draft and publish blogs on the go
> That pen and paper are great for planning the content of a post
> That I should encourage more gust blog posts
> That picture galleries are a great alternative to a text post and I definitely should explore vlogging too
> That I need a blogging calendar
> That I should remember to repost blog posts again the day after posting and on a regular basis whilst it is still current to encourage continued traffic
> That being controversial or challenging a controversial point of view is great for traffic

As much as I would love to I can’t sustain blogging every day but hopefully I have proved to myself that blogging at least one a week is feasible.  Perhaps I can work on the position of posting at a set day and time each week and building up a stack of posts in reserve for when it is impossible to find time to blog?

Blog Traffic
I have seen my followers and blog traffic increase massively during November. I am unsure if this is an immediate knock on effect of posting so regularly, the support of others doing the campaign stopping by or perhaps a bit of both?

Thank you everyone for reading!

How have you found #BEDN?  What have you learnt?  I would love to hear your comments below!


  1. I didn’t take part in #BEDN this year becuase of other commitments that I knew would stop me from being able to keep it up, but I loved reading all the posts people put up because they were often on topics that those bloggers hadn’t covered before. It was also great knowing that I would have loads of great blogs to catch up on when I got home!

    • Hi Caitlin
      Great to hear that you enjoyed reading everyone’s posts as much as we enjoyed writing them!
      I think the next one Rosalilium organises is in May so perhaps we will both be able to take part in that one 🙂

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